Thursday, February 26, 2015

Black Cubes

so i had another experience with the black cubes....i was going deep into layers and suddenly i was in a realm where there were many black cubes thousands of them and each had a person inside i was curious as to what was happening and why they had people inside of them...suddenly a cube moved as if alive towards me and a sort of door opened and i could see family and friends all like i was literally awake in 3d...i stepped into the cube as to observe it more and as i did the doors turned into huge gates and shut behind me i was alarmed at this as they seemed to be locked and i felt the presence of greys suddenly it was as if it was everyday life however...i was being convinced i wasn't in a cube and i should stay there as the cube was mimicking reality and projecting it around me...i saw everyone i loved and than i saw a projection of my friend she said get out of there its a cube that makes you think the reality its projecting is real you must get out of it so i than decided to take action and get out of the cube as i did suddenly the beautiful scenery and everyday life faded and i started to see entities i battled well and got to the gates...than whispers said you cannot leave i refused to listen and proceeded to the gates and broke out of the small cube...i realised many souls are trapped in cubes on a certain layer and the cubes absorb the life force from the victim....i can only say the experience i had was a bit similar to the cell where she started believe the projected reality was real


  1. Sarah i have been trying to contact you i am a researcher and have made discoveries, i have been targeted too, please email me at

  2. Hi Sarah, So sorry for the passing of Max... Who like you brought so much enlightenment as to what is happening that we didn't understand until you and Max together you were a light illuminating the way. Today is your journey to continue... We need you Sarah, I need you... I get so in tuned with what you say because an amazing shift has happened in my life and my awareness I can't quite explain it all but in me in my heart and mind I understand it very well... My sweetie stay strong you are loved and greatly appreciated and so was Max... The consolation for us that love Max is that he is alive and well and you and him will continue seeing each other in the Astral Plane... I pray one day I can get to talk to you face to face... Love, Love, and more love to you...

  3. You can contact Sarah on her new website: